Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frankfurt airport. The long haul!

Sept 30th 10ish am Frankfurt

Thank God the long haul is over. Ten hours on a plane is not fun especially when I cannot seem to fall asleep in the sitting position. I watched three movies: Made of Honor, Leatherheads and ...can't seem to remember the third. Must have been a good one!

I am craving a nice warm bed. This time change thing is going to be tricky at first. I was weird having breakfast served on the plane when in my head it's ten p.m. It didn't help that the lady sitting behind me couldn't stop talking and loud enough to let everyone know her business. I felt bad for the poor guy sitting next to her whom she kept blabbing to.

The girl sitting next to me reminded me of Emily because she twirled her hair for the duration on the whole flight! I am not kidding. She only got up once in the ten hours and the rest of the time she was reading a book and twirling away. Sometimes with two hands and only the hair on top of her head so her hands were elevated above her head the whole time. Talk about OCD!

So now I am sitting here in the airport and my flight does not leave for another three hours. My stomach has been bloated and I have had bad gas pains for a few hours now and I can guess it's from the Mexican food I had with Mom in Seattle.

So now what? I want to sleep but the Frankfurt airport has all hard floors, no carpet :(

I want to lie down!

It will be hell getting to Madrid on no sleep and having to be all chipper and such. I wonder if they would mind if I go to bed for the first few days! ha!




Eminemily said...

That's so funny about the girl twirling her hair the whole time. She should be my best friend!

Tatertot said...

How weird, to the hair twirling part. And how nice of you to mention the gassy part! Someone at work said that must be a part of flying long distances!! :)