Monday, March 30, 2009

March...where did it go??

Wow, so apparently I have been slacking in the Blog Dept. Well this is why..
I have been very busy enjoying the weather in Madrid. Spring has sprung and the trees and flowers are all in bloom. Pepe and I have been enjoying a weekly English playgroup and have been having play dates with an Au Pair friend of mine and her little boy. They are so cute together! Here is a great pic, Pepe on the left and Adria on the right, followed by some more fun times.

The last week of March finally brought Ian to Madrid! We had two days in Madrid where we spent time with my friends in the park and also attended a Real Madrid game, which they won 3-0 against Almeria.

We then met Elizabeth and Allen(Ian's parents) in Peñíscola. It's a small city right on the coast between Barcelona and Valencia.
There is a beautiful castle in the city with incredible views! Here is a pic of me and Ian at the resort.

Here are some pics of our visit to the castle....and some fun beach photos...

We also were able to spend a day in Barcelona. (After a three hour drive where I swear we paid a million tolls along the way, it was quite comical!) We ate at an amazing tapas bar, visited the Barcelona Cathedral, Sagrada Familia and the Picasso museum. All of this packed into one day with a three hour drive home!

On the last day we were able to spend a couple hours in Valencia where we took the Metro into the city to have is a pic on the Metro.

So, with March long gone...bring on April!!!