Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello...well almost goodbye February. This marks 5 months. I can't believe it!

This weekend I went for a hike an hour outside of the city. I wanted a bit of nature, like back home. It did the trick for now but I really miss forests full of ancient evergreens. This is a pic of me halfway up.

Happy Belated Valentines Day!! I was very lucky to spend the day with good friends and enjoy some good food. We had a gathering at another Au Pairs house(her host fam was out of town, but gave her permission!) where we all brought good food. I made my famous guacamole. YUM! After we dressed up and went out on the town looking lovely!

February 4-13 three of my best friends from Seattle came to see me. We spent the weekend in Madrid then went to Granada for the rest of the week. Granada is southeast of Madrid and right next to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

In Granada we visted the Cathedral, the AlbaicĂ­n neighborhood and the Alhambra. The Alhambra(literally "the red one") is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish rulers of Granada in southern Spain. Once the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court, the Alhambra is now one of Spain's major tourist attractions exhibiting the country's most famous Islamic architecture. All in all, a beautiful wonder of the world in my books!

So now I have to wait four weeks till Ian arrives. We will spend the first weekend in Madrid so he can meet my friends, see the city and we'll also attend a Real Madrid football game! Then it's off to Barcelona for a week where we will meet his parents and explore together. I am so excited to see them.
A week after Ian leaves, my Mom and sister arrive to spend a week with me in Madrid then we are off to Paris for another week. :)
Before I know it I will be on a plane to Seattle. Time flies!! xoxo

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